theme 02 / if i ever feel better preview ☆ pastebin download

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  • one custom link on the theme
  • six custom links in a pop up navigation, click the fourth link (iv)
  • 500px posts
  • 245 x 200 px sidebar image
  • keep description short

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THEME #02 ▶ "Amanda" by girlwiththedragonrph

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I would consider this theme good for roleplay mains because of the big sidebar, but what do I know?


  • All post types supported
  • 3 custom links
  • Text, link, title, and background colors customizable
  • Sidebar image is 600px wide, height varies based on browser

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disneyhelpers does a dreamcast ⇢ anna


PSD #108 by Catheline » Reign (for gifs)

  • Contains vibrance.
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own.
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  • Download PSD 108

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Scarp Page Theme

live preview | code

This was created by anonymous request and I figured I should make one anyhow. This is a simplified characters/family page. It’s large but subtle.

All elements are commented accordingly in hopes that you can find your way around. Feedback is surely appreciated with any page themes.

All free stock images are from Photorack

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"Hi! Do you mind giving us a shoutout? We are a new disney role-play based on a camp and are in need of a few bio co-admins. Thank you!"

Welcome to Camp Jewell. Home to the top reform camp built for the most magical of creatures. Created to save the last of the goodness in children, it has become the last hope. However, like most places, danger always lurks about.


Hello there! Why don’t you send us stuff to do? I’m in a graphics mood right now, and since I’m relatively free for the next hour, things shouldn’t take me too long! x

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zoeyrph Redirect Theme #1: Skinny Love

Theme Features:

  • One 250x550 px graphic.
  • Two links, one for your old URL and one for your new one.
  • This can be used as either a redirect theme or as a promo blog theme.
  • Background can be an image or a colour. If you want it to be a colour, delete “background-image:url(‘’);” 

Conditions of Use:

  • Do not remove the credit. It is very small and in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Don’t claim as your own, and don’t redistribute the code.
  • Don’t edit the code and redistribute! Of course, you can edit for your own use, but do not post it as an edited theme.
  • Don’t use this code as a base to make your own theme.
  • Don’t use and redistribute the graphics as your own.
  • Don’t use my graphics without consent.
  • If you need help customizing message me here.

Static Preview | Live Preview | Code }

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